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About Us

The American Box Difference.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: American Box offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Send any product back within 30 days for a full refund. No worries.

Accountability & Stability: We’re in it for the long haul. As retail web pioneers, we’re closing in on 2 decades online. We carry and own, in-house, 98% of the products we offer. The lone exceptions are some extra large items where it does not make sense to ship twice (once to us and once to you). The dirty secret is that almost all our competitors operate out of their house, or carry no inventory and send orders as they get them to suppliers to drop-ship to you. That means slower delivery, less accountability, and higher prices. To each his own, but we believe it’s better to deal with a committed and stable organization. Our 50,000 square foot warehouse is packed to the brim with boxes and staffed with professionals who ships your order the same day it is received. We live and breathe this stuff. That translates to better boxes and lower prices for you.

Price Match Guarantee: We will meet or beat any advertised price on in-stock items from any competitor. That will rarely happen. If it does it’s due to one of two reasons:

  • a) Some manufacturers have MAP pricing policies (Minimum Advertised Price) that contractually require all distributors and retailers to sell their products at a pre-determined price. We constantly try to educate manufacturers about the downside to such policies, but they exist nonetheless. And some retailers from time to time do not abide by this requirement, or they slide in “under the radar,” or they are not authorized dealers.

  • b) Certain retailers may list prices but not actually have the product in stock. If you happen to see an in-stock item cheaper elsewhere, please call our toll-free number at 800-269-5807. Again that is rare, but in all such cases we welcome your call, and in most such cases we will match or beat the price for you.


Same-day Shipping: Order by 3pm eastern time, and in-stock items ship out the same day.


Superior Products: We carefully select suppliers and curate products that we believe in, across a wide range of price points, materials, designs, and functions. We feature well-known and highly-regarded national brands, interesting and low-production boutique brands, economical offerings, boxes custom made for us, items produced in the USA and imported from India, the Far East, and Central America, as well as special closeout offerings and even scratch-and-dent sales. We aim to provide a wide array of choices, in styles and price ranges.

Exceptional Customer Service: We want your business and we value you. You will find us gracious, efficient, and friendly. We strive to make your experience with us – every contact with us – the absolute best on the web.

Who We Are

We are all about delivering fluffy kittens and magical seahorses, same day soul-mending, and bottomless cups of coffee. And another thing:  dskdgns;orihaeif.....  sorry, I passed out on the keyboard. Those bottomless cups of coffee aren’t enough because we’ve been beavering away at work like automatons since 1996. So we haven’t slept in….let’s see, carry the 1….like 16 years. And every evening after work we drive around town in the Batmobile stomping out crime and helping little old ladies across the street.

Kidding aside, the truth is our team works practically nonstop. We try to put ourselves in your shoes. Because we know as customers, it ticks us off when we get less than great service, so it is our mantra to provide our customers with superior service.

There are legions of questionable flimflammers masquerading as businesses out there that seem to think you’re made of money. They treat your wallet and purse like a maiden tied to railroad tracks by a mustachioed, top-hatted brute. Well, send him over the waterfall in a barrel, because you’re not some piñata full of dollar bills waiting to get whacked. That means we will not be beat on price. Find it lower on the interwebs? That won’t happen often, but if it does (no one’s perfect), call us….and we’ll beat it!

So, in short, we wanna be your Mr. Right.


You deserve it all: great service, fast delivery, best prices, and free or cheap shipping, plus big smiles and helpful people to boot.


We make love and war, all while giving peace a chance! Hey, we don’t want you emptying your pockets and then having to dance to an organ grinder for nickels just to pay the bills.

Thank you for your business!