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Why Cedar?

Ah. Glad you asked. Let me count the ways.


Known as one of mankind’s first fragrances, cedar is the proverbial velvet hammer. This “jewel of denial” is both ornamental and utilitarian. Boasting beauty and brawn, cedar is naturally gorgeous, acting simultaneously as a fortress and aromatherapy clinic for your clothes, linens, shoes, and other belongings. Naturally scented, anti-fungal, and decay- and weather-resistant, cedar wood has antiseptic and astringent qualities, making it particularly effective in protecting apparel from moths, mildew, and other damage. Its straight grains are durable and smooth. All of our product interiors are uncoated and all-natural, and thus ideal for absorbing moisture. This promotes a naturally good atmospheric moisture balance with fairly constant humidity, keeping interiors relatively cool even on hot summer days.

  • Store out of season stuff out of the way
    As seasons change, swap your winter and summer stuff. Cedar trunks, cedar shelving, and other cedar-lined or solid-cedar storage solutions make transitioning between seasons easy.
  • Protect linens and clothes
    Cedar products repel moths and other insects while their natural scent freshens and renews.
  • Organize and compartmentalize
    Keep your shoes, linens, blankets, clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, handbags, belts, ties, boots, even gardening and outdoor gear, each in its own place. The attractive modular ShoeTrap closet system and Stockyard Cedar Stackable boxes will keep all your stuff tidy!
  • Maximize your space
    For clothing and linen storage, anywhere that shelving or clothing bars don’t fit, such as under beds and overhead spaces, individual ShoeTrap or Stockyard cedar boxes are ideal and their modular nature allows you flexibility to easily customize your shelving based on available wall space.


The Egyptians used the resinous oil from cedar for embalming, while the Phoenicians used it to build homes and ships. King Solomon’s Temple was made of cedar, and Alexander the Great built great naval fleets from cedar. By the 18th century, European furniture makers were using cedar in travel trunks to protect keepsakes and fine linens.


Two of the most effective and widely used types of cedar are Red Cedar and Spanish Cedar. Aromatic Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is a soft, red, fine-grained, and fragrant wood native to the forests of the South Central United States. Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata) is a lightweight, fragrant, rot-resistant, and insect-repellent wood, appearing in subtropical or tropical areas across Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean through most of South America.